High Speed Industrial Digital Textile Printer VEGA 6000


High Speed Industrial Digital Textile Printer

Honghua VEGA6000 series products are really the high speed digital textile ink-jet printing system for industrial production. They combine exceptional print speed with excellent quality under traditional printing cost to make the industrial digital production become a reality.

Thanks to 4 or 8 pcs industrial print heads with maximum 80,000,000 ink drops/second and 108mm wide print width,  The highest speed of VEGA can reach to 470sqm/hour. The 2400 dpi resolution and four or eight colors printing choice can provide the vivid printing effect and perfect performance.

VEGA6000 enjoys very reliable stability, high-quality belt transmission and automatic roll to roll system. It is equipped with automatic corrective devices to ensure the consecutive straight transportation of fabric; Also, efficient online fabric drying system, well-designed ink supply and print head moisturizing systems, all to ensure the continuity of production and ink-jet printing quality.

VEGA versatility is reflected in the adjustment of print head height to apply for the different thickness of the fabric; It can use various professional ink, reactive, disperse, acid and pigment ink for kinds of weaving, knitting and non-woven fabrics printing, including cotton, linen, silk, fur, nylon, polyester and such a single or mixed fabrics. VEGA is widely used in apparel, accessories, footwear, luggage, leather products, home textiles, outdoor textiles, automobile interiors, flags, banners and other products to meet the fast, high-quality, energy-saving, environmental protection market demand.

Print head PrintingTechnology Industrial print head ( 108mm wide )
Quantity 4 or 8 pcs
colors 4 or 8 process colors
Height Adjustable up to 30mm above fabric
Cleaning Method Auto positive pressure clean and negative pressure cleansystem
Wetting ControlMethod Automatic spay nozzle
Ink Types Disperse, reactive, acid
colors C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,LK,O,Blue
Supply Mode Auto ink supply system
Fabric Types Suitable for cotton, flax, silk, wool, nylon, polyester fabric etc.( Woven, knitted and non-woven)
Max.Thickness 28mm
Max. Width 3200mm
Fabric Transportation Auto feeding
Auto roll up
Self–adhesive belttransmission Auto belt washing systems
Auto belt correcting systems
Fabric Drying System Infrared dries and cool fans
Operating Interface Touching screen LCD display
Printing Interface USB2.0?Window2000/nt/xp etc.?
Work Station Internal computer, P4/3.2G, 1G RAM, 160G HD
Rip software VEGA PRINT
PowerSupply Voltage 380VAC, 3 phases
Frequency 50HZ±10%
Consumption 10KW
Compressed Air Connection         0.6m3/min
Working Condition Temperature 20-30?, Humidity 60-70%
Outer Dimension/ Weight L7000mm×W41500mm×H1300mm/1500Kg
Printing Mode             resolution                       4 colors
High Speed Mode


249m2/hour  (4 printheads)

Standard Mode


235m2/hour  (8 printheads)

High Speed Mode          600dpi*600dpi

470m2/hour   (8 printheads)

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