MONARCA Digital Summer Lawn Collection 2014-2015

Rashid Textile recently announced  launching of MONARCA Digtial Summer Lawn Collection 2014 Volume 3. The collection has been launched. MONARCA is a proud dress label of Rashid Textile and in this Volume 3 Digital collection of fashion they are going to present a unique package what every girl wants to have. Yes, you can have splendid colors, gorgeous embroidered and printed designs on chiffon, silks and lawn fabric. Rashid Textile launched this MONARCA Summer Lawn Vol-3 Collection 2014, to make the most of the season and dress to impress with these looks! Mera Art is the online Digital textile and Fashion solution in the Digital World

Rashid Textiles proud to present to you the Monarca lawn Vol:3 Collection. Monarca lawn summer collection offers a unique look of the time printed fabric which is contain to delight both fashion enthusiasts and casual women’s wear shoppers aside. Rashid Textiles, whose aim to produce eastern fabric with outclass, comfortable and practical women’s wear, so monarca Vol-3 brings the option of artistic vision and creative aesthetic. Indeed, Rashid textiles is one of the fashion’s leading textile enterprises. Working with very modern ethos in textile development and providing every modern techniques in it’s fashion line, and MONARCA 3D Digital Lawn Summer Collection 2014 Volume 3 is most trendy package of rashid; which reflects modern styles, use of latest digital technologies and splendid worksheet of premium quality designs on lawn and chiffon blend. MONARCA Lawn Designs Vol-3 include 17 elegant lawn / chiffon prints influenced by the natural patterns like flowers, leaf, paisley, and color scheme is the mix of vibrant eastern and cool English shades. MONARCA Collection 2014 is impressive, attractive and unique stone in the crown of summer fashion, Which is available in 3,250 Pkr or 35$. Here we have published the most powerful styles of Monarca Summer 2014 Collection Volume-3 by Rashid Textiles that are designs with dress ti impress philosophy.